What kind of services do you offer?
We are a luxury brand design agency. We curate focused, cohesive brands for businesses through creative design systems & branding strategies.
We offer...
•Brand Identity
•Product + Packaging Design
•Website Design
•Content Creation
•Social Media Development & Management
•Campaign Design
What's your turnaround time?
All turnaround times for all servcies are listed under each product description, you'll see a category where you can look for the turnaround time. Certain services offer rush fees also.
I'm ready to work on my brand, but don't know what I need for my brand. What should I do?"
We suggest you book a phone consultation with us so we can go over your brand, the goals you have for your brand, what is already set up for your brand and what is missing. We can match you with the best possible branding service.
I have submitted my payment, how will you recieve my information?"
Once we have successfully received your payment, we will follow up with you by sending you an email with the required information reflecting upon on the service you have purchased.
What are your business hours? Hours of operation are as followed:
Monday - Thursday 12-8 PM EST.
Can I call you when I have a question?
You can fill free to book a phone consultation before or after you purchase the desire service your wanting. During the consultation you're allowed to ask my any questions you may have. Once you have successfully booked your services all communications are via EMAIL. If you have booked a service but want to speak about the service after, your advised to book a consultation. All consultations are set up ahead of time.
What files do I recieve for my logo development?
You will receive the PNG transparent file, PDF & JPEG of your finished project that will be sent to your email once you have finalized which sample set you want.
If I'm not happy with my design, what do I do?"
Once your first draft is sent, you receive (3) revisions free of charge. After that there is a fee of $20 for each new change. Once we start on your project, there are no refunds under any circumstances. Please read over my terms and conditions before proceeding with your purchase.
Do you provide rush fees
Yes, under each service you'll see the turnaround time listed. You may pick the basic turnaround time for the project, or you may purchase the rush fee for the project whcih will result in a high price point.


Domain Name
Example: YourName.com
If you already have your domain. Send us to the login to where it's being hosted.
If you don't have your domain already we will walk you through selecting the perfect one on our welcome call. Want to see if your domain is available? Click Here

Send your logo in PNG format (transparent - without a background - no black or white box around it). If you don't have a logo we can create one for you.
Click Here

About or Bio
Create a brief about or bio. Please proofread, we only copy and paste what you send it. Edits are $50 per session.

Send your photos in JPEG format. You will need to upload your photos make sure you use the device with all your content.

All videos must be hosted on YouTube.

Send us the link to your music on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, etc. If you want your music to play live on the site, your music must be hosted on SoundCloud.com.

Social Networks
Create all your social networks and send us your URL's. Do not send @ names.

Please send us your products.
  • Professional Photo
  • Name of Product
  • Price, Sizes or Colors
  • Category, etc