We specialize in Website Maintenance for
small to large sized websites.

Our Hourly or Monthly Website Maintenance Plans provide total peace of mind… a solid team taking care of everyday maintenance & ready to provide support services as needed.

*NOTE: You may be billed for additional hours outside of the plan price for development costs or fees.

WordPress Maintenance Plans

Our WordPress Maintenance Plans are a perfect fit for a small or medium-sized business. If you own and operate a business website, you probably don’t have the time or expertise to properly maintain it. Plus, WordPress has grown in complexity and size over the years, and at a minimum requires monthly maintenance and monitoring.

We have been building websites and providing our WordPress Website Management Service for over 10 years. Our expertise in this industry allows us to troubleshoot popular WordPress themes and plugins. This includes Betheme, Beaver Themer / Beaver Builder, Elegant Themes / Divi, Avada, The7, and many more. So regardless of your WordPress website configuration and software, we will be able to work with you and your business. Each of our WordPress Maintenance Plans will ensure that the website performs properly, has low downtime, is backed up, and secure.

Overview of Our WordPress Maintenance Plans

We provide two monthly WordPress Maintenance Plans depending on the size and requirements of your website. There is no obligation to use our WordPress Website Management Service and you can cancel at any time.

If you’d like us to update your website as a one-time project, that option is also available. For example, if you want us to setup an SSL for your website. Our rate for maintenance and updates is $60 per hour.

How Our WordPress Maintenance Plans Work

During our onboarding process for our WordPress Maintenance Plans, we will install plugins used for security, caching, backups, and database optimization. These plugins are used to maintain and monitor the website as part of our WordPress Website Management Service. In addition, we may also need to utilize third-party scripts for performance monitoring and analytics.

WordPress, Theme, & Plugin Updates

Periodically, and when updates are available, we will perform maintenance on the website. This includes updating the WordPress file system, themes, and plugins. We can also update third-party plugins that you have purchased.

Automatic Backups

We will back up the entire website before performing any maintenance. However, after the website updates are completed, we will backup the website again and keep the database and file system backups on the server. Automatic backups will happen daily and weekly. At the client’s request, backups can also be stored offsite with Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP, etc. Visit the WordPress Backup Service page for more information.

Testing, Troubleshooting, & Fixing Problems

We will test and troubleshoot the website after performing WordPress maintenance and updates. This is to ensure that the website is working without any issues and looks aesthetically correct. Even often overlooked parts of the WordPress maintenance, like database optimization, will be taken care of. This part of the WordPress Website Management Service is ongoing or anytime at the client’s request.

Website Security Included With Our WordPress Maintenance Plans

We use Website Security as a complete solution for your business website and is included in our WordPress Maintenance Plans. Website Security provides an endpoint firewall, brute force hacking protection, malware scanning, health reporting, and live traffic monitoring. It is also connected to a global network called the Threat Defense Feed. This allows Website Security to be updated periodically with the newest firewall rules, malware signatures, and malicious IP addresses it needs to keep your website safe.

The website will be routinely scanned for malware, WordPress updates, theme updates, and plugin updates. Also, it will scan checks file tampering against the WordPress theme and plugin repository. If any malware is found after a scan is performed, we will be notified, remove the malware, and replace the infected files.

If you choose, you will receive weekly reports about the health of the website. We receive these reports as well, which helps us monitor and provide our WordPress Website Management Service.

Visit the WordPress Security Service page for more information.

Our WordPress Website Management Service Provides Website Monitoring and Reporting

We provide 24/7 uptime monitoring that we use for our WordPress Website Management Service. Website Monitoring will attempt to connect to the website every minute and will report an outage after 5 minutes of downtime. We will receive immediate notifications from the server via SMS and e-mail if an outage is detected. This allows us to respond and address the cause for the website being down, attempt to resolve the issue, and notify you if necessary. You will also receive weekly reports that will show you the website uptime.

Page Speed Monitoring and Transactional Reporting is an additional service provided. It is only available in the Business WordPress Maintenance Plan. Page Speed Monitoring will allow you to know how quickly your page loads and continuously track your website’s performance. Transactional Monitoring will allow you to simulate visitor interaction with your website. For instance, we will get alerted when your critical site flows stop working correctly. This is a tool that we may also use to monitor uptime and performance for heavily trafficked websites.

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